TheraStim offers a unique form of electrical muscle stimulation. TheraStim is a direct current electrotherapy modality that is utilized for reducing pain, muscle spasms, increasing and restoring range of motion, and increasing circulation to the affected areas; all helping to facilitate the healing process

TheraStim is a neuromuscular stimulator that introduces electrical signals to the body through conductive electrode pads to provide relief for a variety of health complaints. Its unique waveform and use of direct current allows it to get deeper into injured tissues than traditional electrical muscle stimulators or Tens Units without surface pain or damage.

TheraStim is like administering an electric massage all the way down to the surface of the bone. The electrical charge is drawn to the injured tissue, which also has an electric charge. And because it is an active therapy, it’s necessary for the patient to work the body part into the direction of pain. This draws the electricity to the injury. With the proper electrode placement, the patient is VERY happy to have found “the spots.”

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