Custom Foot Orthotics in Lakewood, CO

Orthotics are a great way to help with walking and alignment issues related to the knee, foot, and lower back. Often times, the need for orthotics is because of an issue with the natural functioning of the foot. Custom Foot Orthotics can generally help realign the bones within the foot and ankle. Through this realignment process pressure is taken off of other parts of the body such as the back, neck, shoulders, and hips. Additionally, orthotics will help with distributing body weight properly, which will take further pressure off the foot.

Custom Foot Orthotics are for anyone experiencing issues or discomfort relating to walking or imbalances in the body. One significant benefit of custom foot orthotics is their ability to be worn daily. They can be used during almost any activity to help relieve stress and pain.

A professional chiropractor can often prescribe Custom Foot Orthotics. These can last well over a year in most cases which makes them an excellent investment into one’s overall health and well being.

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Ultrasound Therapy in Lakewood, CO

Ultrasound therapy is utilized in the office to address joint, muscle spasm, and most soft tissue related injuries. This ultrasound therapy, while it may share a similar name, is not the same as the type of ultrasound utilized to screen the body internally. This ultrasound therapy creates sound waves that vibrate and massage the muscles and soft tissues. These small sound waves work to aid the body’s healing process in addition to decreasing the formation of scar tissue.

Certain ultrasound therapies can create a heating effect that works to relax the muscles and release tightness in the body. When the heat is combined with the features of the ultrasound therapy the healing process is started at the cellular level to help speed up your road to recovery.

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